3 Serious Risks for Dementia Facilities

Dementia Facilities

The number of individuals diagnosed with dementia is on the rise, increasing the demand for care facilities and trained caregivers. Cognitive decline can create a number of challenges with providing care, increasing the liabilities and exposures of organizations or individuals tasked with assisting dementia patients.

Poor Training

One serious risk is the effect of poor training on both staff and residents. Research continues to address the progressions of the disease, but training isn’t always updated to reflect best practices or new discoveries. Inadequate training or misinformation can lead to physical or emotional injuries, even though no harm was intended.


Another liability for facilities is resident wandering. Dementia causes memory loss, and at times, patients will become confused and unable to remember where they are. This can cause wandering, and though facilities often have security systems for exterior doors, residents may wander into rooms or areas that may be disruptive.

Combative Behaviors

There is a serious risk of bodily harm for both patients and caregivers within a dementia facility. Dementia patients can experience severe mood swings, and at times, this can lead to aggressive outbursts or behaviors. Keeping a resident from harming themselves or others can be difficult, especially in situations where proper training is lacking.

These are just a few of the exposures a dementia care facility may be exposed to. Proper training, sound hiring practices, and comprehensive insurance addressing dementia care facilities liability can help safeguard against many of these areas.

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