Blood Pressure Checks Are Mandatory for Truckers

Blood Pressure

As a trucker, there are a lot of regulations that you have to follow. One of these rules is that you have to keep your blood pressure under control. If you want to drive, your blood pressure has to be under 140/90. You have to have a regular DOT physical blood pressure check.

Why Physicals Are Mandatory

Some conditions are silent. For instance, high blood pressure does not present with obvious symptoms, especially early on. Physicals are mandatory because the DOT has to know that you are a healthy driver. If you were to have a heart attack while driving, the results would be devastating.

How Blood Pressure Affects Driving

Blood pressure is the measurement of the blood that pumps by your heart and the resistance in your arteries. If you have narrow arteries, then the blood pressure increases. Not only could you suffer a heart attack while driving, but your arteries may weaken and you may suffer from kidney failure or fluid backup in your lungs.

Big rigs are difficult to control. You may not be able to stop quickly enough or to find a safe place to pull over if you experience a medical emergency.

To ensure that you are safe to drive, the DOT requires you have your blood pressure checked. If you do have high blood pressure, there are ways you can control it with medication and lifestyle changes.

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